Somewhere out there's a criminal
Robbing what's left of my brain
To you the effect is minimal
But I almost forgot the refrain

What did I do
With the rest of my mind?
This train of thought
Is running behind...

My mind is like a collander
Trying to contain air
When it's time to recall the motherfucking word that fits here
. . . . It isn't there...

What do I do?
Where do they go?
The train of my thoughts
Is running too slow(ly)

Forget me not
But don't expect
Me to remember
Your name, it flows
Across the breeze
Like a butterfly
So tell me why
It's all gone...

Imagine all your history
Starting at 10 after noon
Beyond that is a mystery
As right now will be soon

What do I do?
Where did it go?
This idea of mine
Which I should know?

Forget it all
And don't expect
Me to recall
Your touch, it whis-
pers in my ear
Then it's forever gone
Gone Gone Gone
I want it back
I want it all back
Bring it back to me
Give it back to me...