A Katy Song

She said,
A(4)	"I don't know what to do - anymore.
A(4)	It seems like everything's been done before."
B(2)	And she sprinted from the room
C(2)	Running from her words 
B(2)	like a mouse from a broom.
C(4)	She thinks her emotions are so absurd
C(4)	But that's the silliest thing I've ever heard...

She said,
A(4)	"Stop me if I'm drinking (way) too much.
A(4)	I don't want to wind up out of touch."
B(2)	But then she won't let go
C(2)	And she falls back on the bed. 
B(2)	She loses all control and talks of
C(4)	Why she should be dead
C(4)	But that's the silliest thing she's ever said...

And maybe when she's older
She'll be a little bolder
The softness will start to fade
But the change - is already made.

who writes this crap, anyway?