I don't know where. you. are. But I really miss you Things have gone. too. far. But I can't wait to kiss you Am I wasting. my. time. I honestly don't know I got no reason. to. rhyme. If you don't show Maybe I'm too understanding Maybe I'm naive I swallow all of my pride And it comes pouring Out (of) my sleeve... I know i'm in.se.cure. (I got) too much ambition But I'm not. so. sure. (anymore) That I'm not just fishin' I think I think. too. much. Ask myself, "What is this?" But I'd rather lose touch With what's not by business Maybe I'm too understanding Maybe I'm too short But the last time I checked I had nothing (else) To which to resort I look at. the. phone. But it doesn't ring And I'm still. a.lone. It doesn't mean a thing Because you'd. say. no. To this whole situation And I would. just. go. If it weren't fascination But I can't help thinking maybe That perhaps I'm wrong Maybe it's just because I'm waiting Here so long Maybe I'm not too demanding Maybe I'm just a fool Maybe I'd be happier Staying within the rules Maybe I'm not a rebel Maybe I'm too serene But I'm going to scream my lungs out I'm going to scream my lungs out I'm going to scream my lungs out Until you hear what I mean... (another bad song bit. sorry. there are some good ones here. really! look harder! well, even harder!)